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The Car and British Society: Class, Gender and Motoring, 1896-1939
"By their cars ye shall know them" - class, status and the spread of car ownership "A myth that is not allowed to die" - gender and the car "The right crowd and no crowding" - leisure and the carExpand
Mail Order Retailing in Britain: A Business and Social History
Since its inception in the late 19th century, Britain's mail order industry both exploited and generated social networks in building its businesses. The common foundation of the sector was the agencyExpand
Working-Class Consumer Credit in the UK, 1925-60: The Role of the Check Trader
This article provides fresh insights into working-class credit by examining the history of check trading. It explains the system's origins, and its dependence on a series of relationships involvingExpand
Cataloguing mail order's archives
Credit and Community
Credit and Community examines the history of consumer credit and debt in working class communities. Concentrating on forms of credit that were traditionally very dependent on personal relationshipsExpand
Outspeak: Narrating Identities That Matter
Mail order in the United Kingdom c. 1880-1960: how mail order competed with other forms of retailing
The history of general mail-order retailing in Britain has a distinctive trajectory. Though there were some important similarities, companies like Empire Stores, Great Universal Stores andExpand
Hot-melt Extrusion Through Syringes
Foreseeing, thrifty, economical? the Provident Clothing and Supply Company and working class consumer credit in the United Kingdom, 1925-60
Historical surveys of consumer credit in the United Kingdom identify the importance of check trading without documenting its magnitude or development. Check traders provided promissory notesExpand