Sean P Montgomery

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The anti-CD154 antibody hu5C8 prevents acute allograft rejection and prolongs allograft survival after withdrawal of therapy in nonhuman primates. This study describes the use of hu5C8 as a rescue agent for rejection developing after the withdrawal of hu5C8. Twelve rhesus monkeys that had received renal allografts under hu5C8 induction and subsequently(More)
BACKGROUND Most seriously wounded US Army casualties from the Iraqi theater of operations come through Walter Reed Army Medical Center on their return to the United States. General surgery and orthopaedic surgery services have developed a multidisciplinary team approach to triage and treatment of incoming casualties. STUDY DESIGN Prospective database of(More)
BACKGROUND The focused ultrasound examination has become increasingly recognized as a safe and valuable diagnostic tool for the bedside assessment of the critically ill patient. We implemented a dedicated on-site critical care ultrasonography curriculum with the goal of developing a model for teaching ultrasound skills to pulmonary and critical care(More)
BACKGROUND Simulation is quickly becoming vital to resident education, but commercially available central line models are costly and little information exists to evaluate their realism. This study compared an inexpensive homemade simulator to three commercially available simulators and rated model characteristics. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventeen(More)
Infection with Strongyloides stercoralis is typically asymptomatic in immunocompetent hosts, despite chronic infection. In contrast, immunocompromised hosts such as solid organ transplant recipients are at risk for hyperinfection syndrome and/or disseminated disease, frequently resulting in fatal outcomes. Infection in these recipients may result from(More)
BACKGROUND Current recommendations for victims of penetrating trauma include prompt transportation to a trauma center. It remains unclear whether field intubation allows for improvements in mortality rate. METHODS A retrospective review of the National Trauma Data Bank of adult victims of penetrating trauma was performed. Standard demographic data,(More)
Central line placement is a common procedure, routinely performed by junior residents in medical and surgical departments. Before this project, no standardized instructional course on the insertion of central lines existed at our institution, and few interns had received formal ultrasound training. Interns from five departments participated in a(More)
Non-human primate studies of tolerance induction strategies in solid organ transplantation represent a critical bridge between studies in rodents and humans. Our work demonstrates that strategies involving the blockade of co-stimulatory molecules, especially the CD40-CD154 pathway, have great potential for clinical adaptation. While the combination of(More)
Donor-derived Strongyloides stercoralis infections in transplant recipients are a rare but recognized complication. In this case series, we report donor-derived allograft transmission of Strongyloides in three solid organ transplant recipients. Following detection of infection in heart and kidney-pancreas recipients at two different transplant centers, a(More)