Sean P. Mikles

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OBJECTIVE Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are a valued source of health information, but prior work focuses largely on data capture without guidance on visual displays that promote effective PRO use in patient-centered care. We engaged patients, providers, and design experts in human-centered design of "PRO dashboards" that illustrate trends in(More)
INTRODUCTION Research suggests that electronic messaging can improve patient engagement. Studies indicate that a 'digital divide' may exist, where certain patient populations may be using electronic messaging less frequently. This study aims to determine which patient characteristics are associated with different levels of usage of an electronic(More)
The identification and treatment of child developmental disabilities is a complex process that may involve people with different professional backgrounds who struggle to collaborate on behalf of affected children. Information technology (IT) systems could help many diverse stakeholders collaborate, however the current literature does not provide clear(More)
Many stakeholders with different social and professional backgrounds can be involved in supporting a child's development. Experts note the importance of collaboration between all of these stakeholders in order to adequately support a child. Electronic systems have the potential to facilitate collaboration, and experts have suggested that models and theories(More)
and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Objective To demonstrate the feasibility of using healthy weight (HW) IT standards in public health surveillance through the collection and visualization of patient height, weight and behavioral data. Introduction Clinical data captured in electronic health records (EHR) for(More)
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