Sean P. MacNee

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PURPOSE To evaluate and optimize methods of target labeling and microarray hybridization using eye gene microarrays. Standardized protocols that consistently produce low background and high intensity hybridization with small amounts of starting RNA are needed to extract differentially expressed genes from a pool of thousands of unaltered genes. METHODS(More)
PURPOSE To generate a profile of genes expressed in the native human retinal pigment epithelium and identify candidate genes for retinal and macular diseases. METHODS Two cDNA libraries (one amplified, the other unamplified) were constructed using RNA isolated from native human RPE sheets. The sequence from the 5' end was obtained for randomly selected(More)
As a biomarker of cellular activities, the transcriptome of a specific tissue or cell type during development and disease is of great biomedical interest. We have generated and analyzed 10,000 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from three mouse eye tissue cDNA libraries: embryonic day 15.5 (M15E) eye, postnatal day 2 (M2PN) eye and adult retina (MRA).(More)
To my mother and my husband ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many people helped me throughout my degree. My dissertation committee, F. Hitchcock, has continuously supported and advised me over the last couple years. I am especially indebted to my thesis advisor, Dr. Anand Swarop, for his guidance in both my professional development and personal growth. I am grateful to(More)
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