Sean O'Connell

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Body Sensor Network (BSN) technology is seeing a rapid emergence in application areas such as health, fitness and sports monitoring. Current BSN wireless sensors typically operate on a single frequency band (e.g. utilizing the IEEE 802.15.4 standard that operates at 2.45GHz) employing a single radio transceiver for wireless communications. This allows a(More)
This work presents the design and evaluation of the REAM (Remote Electricity Actuation and Monitoring) node based around the modular Tyndall Mote platform. The REAM node enables the user to remotely actuate power to a mains power extension board while sampling the current, voltage, power and power factor of the attached load. The node contains a current(More)
This paper presents a novel architecture and its implementation for a versatile, miniaturised mote which can communicate concurrently using a variety of combinations of ISM bands, has increased processing capability, and interoperability with mainstream GSM technology. All these features are integrated in a small form factor platform. The platform can have(More)
Wireless Inertial Measurement Units (WIMUs) combine motion sensing, processing & communications functions in a single device. Data gathered using these sensors has the potential to be converted into high quality motion data. By outfitting a subject with multiple WIMUs full motion data can be gathered. With a potential cost of ownership several orders of(More)