Sean Moynihan

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Teleradiology allows contemporaneous interpretation of imaging exams performed at some distance from the interpreting radiologist. The transmitted images are usually static. However, there is benefit to real-time review of full-motion ultrasound (US) exams as they are performed. Telesonography is transmission of full-motion sonographic data to a remote(More)
This paper discusses different needs and approaches to establishing “causation” that are relevant in legal cases involving statistical input based on epidemiological (or more generally observational or population-based) information. We distinguish between three versions of “cause”: the first involves negligence in providing or allowing exposure, the second(More)
Statistical evidence has direct effects on the practice of medicine and the standards set by the profession. In turn, this has implications in medical negligence, particularly with respect to the standard of care expected of health care providers. In this article, we investigate the role that statistical evidence plays in the interaction between medicine(More)
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