Sean Mead

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The study investigated whether nonphotic cues that alter the phase of overt circadian rhythms do so by causing instantaneous shifts in the underlying, light-sensitive clock. Wheel-running activity in Syrian hamsters was studied under free-running conditions of constant dim red light as an overt marker of circadian phase, the daily onset of activity being(More)
This study investigated the relative potency of melatonin and arousal as Zeitgebers in the non-photic phase shifting of circadian rhythmicity in the adult Syrian hamster. Animals held under dim red light (DD) exhibited robust free-running rhythms of wheel-running activity. Melatonin (1 mg/kg) or ethanolic saline vehicle, delivered manually by subcutaneous(More)
In this paper, we provide an overview and results of a long-term field study that captured network interface traffic on-device for 30 participating mobile devices. For the involved devices, the majority of applications installed are found to exhibit network activity, resulting in a high traffic variability. Bursts of data are observed for about 20 minute(More)
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