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In this study, the authors examined age-related changes in participants' ability to perceive global spatial structure defined by temporal fine structure among elements undergoing rapid, irregular change. Participants were also tested on a task involving form recognition from luminance contrast and on a task dependent on perception of 3-dimensional shape(More)
Change blindness (CB), the inability to detect changes in visual scenes, may increase with age and early Alzheimer's disease (AD). To test this hypothesis, participants were asked to localize changes in natural scenes. Dependent measures were response time (RT), hit rate, false positives (FP), and true sensitivity (d'). Increased age correlated with(More)
Patients with epilepsy are at elevated risk for automobile crashes. Most collisions in drivers with epilepsy are not seizure-related, but may instead result from cognitive effects of epilepsy and antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) upon driving performance. The Useful Field of View (UFOV) score has demonstrated good sensitivity and specificity for predicting(More)
The speech and language abilities of pre-school multiple-birth children (MBC) are often reported to be impaired. In this study, teh syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, articulation and phonological skills of 19 sets of MBC were assessed. The comparisons made were between MBC and matched singleton controls, between siblings within multiple-birth sets, and for(More)
The acquisition of language in the preschool years by multiple-birth children is often reported to be atypical. Some researchers have claimed that they use 'twin language', i.e. an autonomous language specific to a multiple-birth set. This claim was investigated by describing and comparing the phonological characteristics of the speech of 19 sets of two- to(More)
This study examined age related decrements in the use of optical flow and landmark information for the control of steering. Older and younger drivers viewed computer generated displays simulating vehicle motion through a random dot ground plane scene. The horizontal position of the driver was perturbed according a sum of sines function and the driver had to(More)
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