Sean McDaniel

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Linux containers allow applications to run in complete isolation from one another without the extra overhead of running entirely separate operating systems. This approach eliminates memory overheads associated with virtualization and virtual machines and helps businesses run their day-today applications. Unfortunately, multiple applications sharing the same(More)
One significant challenge in neuroscience is understanding the cooperative behavior of large numbers of neurons. Models of neuronal networks allow scientists to explore the impact of differential neuronal connectivity using analysis techniques and information not available experimentally. However, modeling realistic neurobiological processes and encoding(More)
This paper reports our experience with irregular I/O and describes lessons learned when running applications with such I/O on supercomputers at the extreme scale. Specifically, we study how irregularities in I/O patterns (i.e., irregular amount of data written per process at each I/O step) in scientific simulations can cause increasing I/O times and(More)
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