Sean McClure

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GaAs Microelectromechanical RF relays fabricated by surface micromachining techniques were characterized for their response to total ionizing dose. Micro relays with two different geometries were studied. For one geometry, changes in switch actuation voltage at moderate dose levels were observed. For an alternate geometry no change in actuation voltage was(More)
Iron-monosulfide oxidation and associated S transformations in a natural sediment were examined by combining selective extractions, electron microscopy and S K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES) spectroscopy, The sediment examined in this study was collected from a waterway receiving acid-sulfate soil drainage. It contained a high(More)
In their most recent publication, Gustafson et al.1 suggest the importance of a surface oxide phase for high CO2 formation in CO-O2 reactions. However, a close inspection of their data in Figure 2 of their paper shows clearly that the surface oxide phase, formed under O2/CO-rich reaction conditions, contributes negligibly to CO2 formation. At the reaction(More)
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