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Loboi Swamp is a 1AE5 km 2 freshwater wetland situated near the equator in the Kenya Rift Valley. The climate is semi-arid: precipitation is 700 mm year)1 , and evapotranspiration is 2500 mm year)1. Some of the wetland water is currently used for irrigation. An interdisciplinary study was conducted on the geology, hydrology, pedology and biology of the(More)
The singlet oxygen formation quantum yield (Phi(Delta)) for solutions of the di-cation, free-base and metallated forms of hematoporphyrin derivative (HpD), hematoporphyrin IX (Hp9) and a boronated protoporphyrin (BOPP) are reported using the method of direct detection of the characteristic phosphorescence following polychromatic excitation. Values of(More)
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