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There is currently an emerging outbreak of yellow fever in Angola. Cases in infected travellers have been reported in a number of other African countries, as well as in China, representing the first ever documented cases of yellow fever in Asia. There is a large Chinese workforce in Angola, many of whom may be unvaccinated, increasing the risk of ongoing(More)
INTRODUCTION Linezolid is an oxazolidinone with potent activity against M tuberculosis, and improves culture conversion and cure rates when added to treatment regimens for drug resistant tuberculosis. However, linezolid has a narrow therapeutic window, and the optimal dosing strategy that minimizes the substantial toxicity associated with linezolid's(More)
BACKGROUND To develop a community-based model of stroke care, we assessed discharge planning of stroke patients, available resources and continuity of care between hospital and community in a remote rural setting in South Africa. We sought to determine outcomes, family participation and support needs, and implementation of secondary prevention strategies.(More)
To the Editor: My 85-year-old father has been a lifelong smoker, he remains fit and well and writes a blog about the pleasure he gets from smoking and the benefits in terms of weight loss. Another 127 85-year-old lifelong smokers have written to him saying they have also maintained a normal weight throughout their lives; they feel
BACKGROUND Stroke is an important cause of death and disability in sub-Saharan Africa. Recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) thrombolysis is effective in treating acute ischaemic stroke, but may not be a viable option in developing countries. METHODS We assessed the short-term outcomes and safety of tPA for the treatment of stroke at Groote(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) and its strong association with HIV infection are the most important causes of the high rates of infectious morbidity and mortality in South African adults. The interaction between HIV and TB leads to more frequent smear-negative and extrapulmonary disease, resulting in atypical clinical presentations and altered performance(More)
BACKGROUND Reports from Africa have suggested that pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) is a less important cause of morbidity than in the developed world. However, more recent studies have shown high seroprevalence rates of P. jirovecii in healthy individuals with HIV as well as high rates of clinical disease in African children. This suggests that PCP may be more(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke is an important cause of death and disability in sub-Saharan Africa. Thrombolysis with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is the only effective therapy for acute ischaemic stroke. Essential requirements for stroke thrombolysis include availability of CT scanning and arrival at hospital within 4.5 hours of symptom onset.(More)