Sean M Hunt

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Shifts in the relative intensities of oligomer ions are found to accompany changes in the cone potential in the electrospray ion source, which introduce uncertainties into average molecular weight determinations for polymer distributions. Similar shifts with changes in cone potential have long been recognized in the multiple-charge distributions of proteins(More)
Previous studies have suggested that the red light and CO2 responses of stomata are caused by a signal from the mesophyll to the guard cells. Experiments were conducted to test the idea that this signal is a vapour-phase ion. Stomata in isolated epidermes of Tradescantia pallida were found to respond to air ions created by an electrode that was positioned(More)
Human granulocytes were isolated from blood either by counterflow centrifugation in a Beckman JE-6 rotor or by sedimentation of the red blood cells with dextran and centrifugation of the granulocyte-rich plasma. The stability of the granulocytes was assessed during storage in the liquid state by measurements of granulocyte loss, volume distribution(More)
Three experiments were conducted to investigate the detectability of tonal signals simultaneously presented with computer-generated, long duration (.5 sec), band-reject maskers. In Experiment 1, detectability of a tone of 500, 1000, or 2000 Hz presented at 50 dB SPL was measured as a function of the width of a spectral "notch" symmetrically placed around(More)
Scanning microscopic and functional studies were made of granulocytes isolated from CPD anticoagulated whole blood by counterflow centrifugation in a Beckman JE-6 rotor. The collection buffer was phosphate (20 mM) buffered saline (280 mOsM) with glucose (29 mM) and human serum albumin (1.2% w/v). The final suspension contained less than 2% mononuclear cells(More)