Sean M. C. Smith

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over marine waters, fueled primarily by several highprofile ocean commission reports and news coverage of coastal dead zones (POC 2003; USCOP 2004; MSNBC 2005). Special attention has been paid to coastal fisheries, generating heated debates over the need to relieve pressure on populations through harvesting restrictions and habitat set-asides and to reduce(More)
© The Ecological Society of America N (N) is vital to the functioning of aquatic ecosystems, yet can be extremely detrimental in excess. Elevated levels of N moving down streams and rivers are of particular concern for coastal areas, due to problems associated with eutrophication (Howarth et al. 2002). While agricultural and urban(More)
Studies documenting the capacity of restored streams to reduce pollutant loads indicate that they are relatively ineffective when principal watershed stressors remain intact. Novel restorations are being designed to increase the hydraulic connectivity between stream channels and floodplains to enhance pollutant removal, and their popularity has increased(More)
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