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The genome of Vibrio cholerae contains five flagellin genes that encode proteins (FlaA-E) of 39-41 kDa with 61-82% identity among them. Although the existing live oral attenuated vaccine strains against cholera are protective in humans, there is an intrinsic residual cytotoxic and inflammatory component associated with these candidate vaccine strains.(More)
This study comprehensively assesses the immediate effects of extreme weather conditions and high ambient air pollution on population health. For Germany and the years 1999 to 2008, we link the universe of all 170 million hospital admissions and all 8 million deaths with weather and pollution data reported at the day-county level. Extreme heat significantly(More)
  • Hendrik Schmitz, Nicolas R Ziebarth, Pio Baacke, Daniel Baumgarten, Christine Benesch, John Cawley +34 others
  • 2015
This paper provides field evidence on how price framing affects consumers' decision to switch health plans. In 2009 German federal regulation required insurers to express premium differences between standardized health plans in absolute euro values relative to a federal reference price, rather than in percentage point payroll tax differences. Representative(More)
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