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La théorie du pipeline suggère que l’augmentation du nombre de femmes dans les professions dominées par les hommes devrait conduire à davantage d’égalité sur le marché du travail. Cette perspective ne prend toutefois pas en considération les différences d’attentes entre les hommes et les femmes dans le pipeline qui peuvent faire en sorte de perpétuer les(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore whether distance to and density of food outlets within the local area have an impact on individual dietary quality, controlling for the socioeconomic characteristics of individuals and their households. METHODS An analysis of the Survey of Lifestyle, Attitudes and Nutrition in Ireland (SLÁN), a two-stage clustered sample of 10,364(More)
Energy usage and energy efficiency are of increasing concern in Ireland. Regression analyses on a large household micro-dataset reveal that those homes that have more energy-saving features are also likely to have a high ‘potential energy use’. Statistically significant dwelling features include location, value and dwelling type, while household features(More)
This paper provides field evidence on how price framing affects consumers’ decision to switch health plans. In 2009 German federal regulation required insurers to express premium differences between standardized health plans in absolute euro values relative to a federal reference price, rather than in percentage point payroll tax differences. Representative(More)
Physician services comprise a substantial share of total health care spending, and the price of health care services has been cited as a key contributor to the disproportionately high rate of health care spending in the US. However, despite a large literature analyzing market power in the hospital and insurance industries, less is known about the extent to(More)
This study comprehensively assesses the immediate effects of extreme weather conditions and high ambient air pollution on population health. For Germany and the years 1999 to 2008, we link the universe of all 170 million hospital admissions and all 8 million deaths with weather and pollution data reported at the day-county level. Extreme heat significantly(More)
This paper aims to determine emissions polluted directly and indirectly by an average person, for each household type, across a wide range of emissions. There are five household type categories: location, income decile, household composition, size and number of disabled residents. Ireland's Sustainable Development Model (ISus) is used which allows the(More)
We describe a practical method for estimating the economic cost of outages in electronic communications networks, accommodating temporal, geographical and sectoral variations in incidence. The method is illustrated with two types of examples: a hypothetical outage of the main fixed line network operator in Ireland, and seven examples of outages affecting(More)
This paper considers what Ireland might learn from the growing body of international literature on the relationship between evidence and policy. It argues that the potential contribution of evidence to policy is generally underestimated in Ireland and that policymakers could make greater and better use of evidence. It cautions, however, that good policy(More)