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Recent studies have demonstrated the potential of antiferromagnets as the active component in spintronic devices. This is in contrast to their current passive role as pinning layers in hard disk read heads and magnetic memories. Here we report the epitaxial growth of a new high-temperature antiferromagnetic material, tetragonal CuMnAs, which exhibits(More)
We present an unreported magnetic configuration in epitaxial La(1-x) Sr(x) MnO3 (x ∼ 0.3) (LSMO) films grown on strontium titanate (STO). X-ray magnetic circular dichroism indicates that the remanent magnetic state of thick LSMO films is opposite to the direction of the applied magnetic field. Spectroscopic and scattering measurements reveal that the(More)
Quenched disorder affects how nonequilibrium systems respond to driving. In the context of artificial spin ice, an athermal system comprised of geometrically frustrated classical Ising spins with a twofold degenerate ground state, we give experimental and numerical evidence of how such disorder washes out edge effects and provide an estimate of disorder(More)
We report the structural and magnetic characterization of sputter deposited epitaxial Ho. We present room temperature characterization by atomic force microscopy and x-ray diffraction and temperature dependent characterization by x-ray diffraction and neutron diffraction. The data show the onset and change of the magnetic state as a function of temperature.(More)
We have used X-ray magnetic circular dichroism and magnetometry to study isolated Fe@Cr core-shell nanoparticles with an Fe core diameter of 2.7 nm (850 atoms) and a Cr shell thickness varying between 1 and 2 monolayers. The addition of Cr shells significantly reduces the spin moment but does not change the orbital moment. At least two Cr atomic layers are(More)
We demonstrate magnetic lensless imaging by Fourier transform holography using extended references. A narrow slit milled through an opaque gold mask is used as a holographic reference and magnetic contrast is obtained by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. We present images of magnetic domains in a Co/Pt multilayer thin film with perpendicular magnetic(More)
We have used low-energy implanted muons as a volume sensitive probe of the magnetic properties of EuO(1-x) thin films. We find that static and homogeneous magnetic order persists up to the elevated T(C) in the doped samples, and the muon signal displays the double dome feature also observed in the sample magnetization. Our results appear incompatible with(More)
We have studied experimentally the states formed in artificial square ice nanomagnet systems following demagnetization in a rotating in-plane applied magnetic field that reduces to zero in a manner that is linear in time. The final states are found to be controlled via the system's lattice constant, which determines the strength of the magnetostatic(More)