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Strong Religion: The Rise of Fundamentalisms around the World
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Oil, Coalitions, and Regime Durability: the Origins and Persistence of Popular Rentierism in Kuwait
While the canonical literature on oil wealth suggests that hydrocarbon windfalls encourage repressive despotism, Kuwait provides a case of an oil-rich autocracy governing instead through popularExpand
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Resilient Royals: How Arab Monarchies Hang On
No monarchy fell to revolution in the Arab Spring. What accounts for this monarchical exceptionalism? Analysts have argued that royal autocracies are inherently more resilient than authoritarianExpand
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This article attacks the “civil society” thesis, a prevailing assumption of political analysis toward the Arab world today, which argues that vigorous civic activism can generate democratic regimeExpand
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From Methodology to Practice
Most methods in comparative politics prescribe a deductive template of research practices that begins with proposing hypotheses, proceeds into analyzing data, and finally concludes with confirmatoryExpand
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Jordan: The Ruse of Reform
Why has Jordan’s authoritarianism remained so stubborn? What makes the country’s Hashemite monarchy exceptional is that virtually no constituency apart from domestic oppositionists and internationalExpand
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Tribal Politics in Contemporary Jordan: The Case of the Hirak Movement
During 2011/12, East Bank tribal youths in Jordan mobilized a new wave of political opposition through the Hirak movement. Reflecting generational change in their communities, as well as theExpand
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Jordan: Ten More Years of Autocracy
Since his ascension in 1999, King Abdullah II has halted Jordan's decade-long experiment with political liberalization. However, the new royal incumbent has preserved authoritarian power not throughExpand
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The New Landscape of Jordanian Politics: Social Opposition, Fiscal Crisis, and the Arab Spring
The absence of regime change in Jordan during the Arab Spring obscured two critical trends transforming political order in this authoritarian kingdom. First, new opposition forces demandingExpand
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Jordan and Morocco: The Palace Gambit
Abstract:Ruling monarchies in Morocco and Jordan outlasted the Arab Spring through familiar tactics such as halfhearted reforms, as well as upgraded strategies of management. No longer intent onExpand
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