Sean Keller

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In minimal RNA kissing complexes formed between hairpins with cognate GACG tetraloops, the two tertiary GC pairs are likely stabilized by the stacking of 5'-unpaired adenines at each end of the short helix. To test this hypothesis, we mutated the flanking adenines to various nucleosides and examined their effects on the kissing interaction. Electrospray(More)
RNA folding in cells typically occurs at mesophilic temperatures. However, in vitro, RNA can be unfolded either by increasing temperature to values that are much higher than physiological, or by mechanically pulling structures apart at ambient temperature. To directly study RNA folding at physiological temperatures and to unify thermodynamics measured by(More)
While much work has focused on the design of actuators for inputting energy into robotic systems, less work has been dedicated to devices that remove energy in a controlled manner, especially in the field of soft robotics. Such devices have the potential to significantly modulate the dynamics of a system with very low required input power. In this letter,(More)
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