Sean K Todd

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Passive acoustic data are increasingly being used as a tool for helping to define marine mammal populations and stocks. Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) songs present a unique opportunity to determine interstock differences. Their highly stereotyped interpulse interval has been shown to vary between geographic areas and to remain stable over time in some(More)
The hierarchical organization of the male humpback whale song has been well documented. However, it is unknown how singers keep these intricate songs intact over multiple repetitions or how they learn variations that occur sequentially during each mating season. Rather than focus on the sequence of sounds within a song, results presented here demonstrate(More)
To understand mysticete acoustic-based detection of ships, radiated noise from high-speed craft, cruise ships, catamarans and fishing vessels was recorded June-September 2009. Calibrated acoustic data (<2500 Hz) from a vertical hydrophone array was combined with ship passage information. A cruise ship had the highest broadband source level, while a fishing(More)
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