Sean J O'Halloran

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BACKGROUND Matrix effects in HPLC-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-ESI-MS/MS)1 can cause differences in the ionization of an internal standard (IS) compared with the analyte of interest. Unless sample cleanup or chromatographic conditions eliminate or minimize ion suppression or enhancement, variability in interpatient matrices may(More)
BACKGROUND There is no information about the distribution of pethidine into breast milk and/or exposure of the breastfed infant during pethidine patient-controlled epidural analgesia after caesarean delivery. METHODS We conducted an observational study among 20 women. The mean (95% confidence interval) pethidine dose administered was 670 (346-818) mg over(More)
BACKGROUND Multimodal analgesia, including nonopioid analgesics, is usually used for several days after cesarean delivery. Because the breastfed infant receives transitional milk during this same period, it is important to know how much of a maternal analgesic drug is received by the infant. We designed this study to estimate infant exposure to parecoxib(More)
Azithromycin (AZI) is an azalide antibiotic with antimalarial activity that is considered safe in pregnancy. To assess its pharmacokinetic properties when administered as intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp), two 2-g doses were given 24 h apart to 31 pregnant and 29 age-matched nonpregnant Papua New Guinean women. All subjects also received(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate cases of suspected drink spiking presenting to the ED by the prospective collection of standardized relevant historical, clinical and laboratory data. METHODS A prospective observational study of 101 patients presenting to metropolitan hospital ED with suspected drink spiking within the previous 12 h. Clinical history, including(More)
Animal models provide an important tool for investigating the biology of cancer and for testing the efficacy of novel treatments. Here we describe several aspects of the transgenic MexTAg mouse that develops asbestos-induced mesothelioma. Targeted expression of the TAg transgene causes mesothelioma to develop more rapidly after asbestos exposure in(More)
BACKGROUND Parecoxib is a cyclooxygenase-2 selective inhibitor used in management of postoperative pain in adults. This study aimed to provide pediatric pharmacokinetic information for parecoxib and its active metabolite valdecoxib. METHODS Thirty-eight children undergoing surgery received parecoxib (1 mg/kg IV to a maximum of 40 mg) at induction of(More)
Therapeutic drug monitoring for busulfan in plasma during conditioning chemotherapy for autologous stem cell transplantation in relapsed primary cerebral lymphoma has not previously been reported. This case involved a 49-year-old man with relapsed primary cerebral lymphoma who received busulfan (8 mg/kg total dose; 2.67 mg/kg as a 3-hour IV infusion each of(More)
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