Sean J. Barnett

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IMPORTANCE Severe obesity in childhood is a major health problem with few effective treatments. Weight-loss surgery (WLS) is being used to treat severely obese adolescents, although with very limited data regarding surgical safety for currently used, minimally invasive procedures. OBJECTIVE To assess the preoperative clinical characteristics and(More)
PURPOSE Multiple visits for the evaluation, treatment, and follow-up of straightforward surgical problems are inconvenient, can result in lost work for the parents, and missed school for the child. We hypothesized that with proper previsit screening, patients with select diagnoses can be evaluated in an outpatient clinic setting and undergo operation the(More)
Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium preferentially colonizes tumors in vivo and has proven to be an effective biologic vector. The attenuated S. enterica Typhimurium strain chi4550 was engineered to express truncated human interleukin-2 and renamed SalpIL2. Previously, we observed that a single oral administration of SalpIL2 reduced tumor number and(More)
In the original description of Crohn’s disease, the appendix was not believed to be involved in the inflammatory process. Later on, case reports started to appear in publications demonstrating that the appendix could be involved in the inflammatory changes of Crohn’s disease, and it could also be the primary or the sole manifestation of the disease. Being(More)
PURPOSE Obesity has become a health-care crisis in the United States. Adolescent obesity is now one of the most common childhood disorders, with 4.7 million American adolescents having a body mass index (BMI) greater than the 95th percentile. Most patients do not respond to diet modification or exercise programs and attention is now turning toward surgery(More)
INTRODUCTION We have previously shown that Salmonella elicits an antitumor response against hepatic adenocarcinomatous metastases. In vitro studies have demonstrated both intracellular invasion and proliferation of Salmonella within cultured neuroblastoma cells. We sought to demonstrate in vivo invasion, proliferation, and a potential antitumor response. (More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Adolescent obesity is rapidly becoming a significant public health issue. To date, there are no medical therapies that provide significant and durable weight loss. The surgical treatment of adolescent obesity is a rapidly evolving field. RECENT FINDINGS Recent publications have focused on the increase in the morbidity and mortality of(More)
Objective. To describe a profoundly immunocompromised (panleukopenia) child with septic shock who developed abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) and was successfully treated with surgical decompression. Design. Individual case report. Setting. Pediatric intensive care unit of a tertiary children's hospital. Patient. A 32-month-old male with Fanconi anemia(More)
Effective outcomes in cardiothoracic surgical research using rodents are dependent upon adequate techniques for intubation and mechanical ventilation. Multiple methods are available for intubation of the rat; however, not all techniques are appropriate for survival studies. This article presents a refinement of intubation techniques and a simplified(More)