Sean Hyuck Yoon

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BACKGROUND The normal morphologic and functional values of eyelids and orbits vary according to race, sex, and age. Unfortunately, there is a paucity of information related to these values in Asians, leading Asian surgeons to use statistical data from Caucasians. METHODS The authors quantified and statistically analyzed nine morphologic and functional(More)
The recording of the objective pulse diagnosis was performed and the meridian points were selected from this recording. The proper meridian points (five element points) according to the five element theory and the improper points (non-five element points) were stimulated. Pain threshold was elevated by the stimulation of five element points and not raised(More)
One component of Oriental medical diagnosis is pulse diagnosis. To make this method more objective, three pressure transducers were positioned over the radial artery and the absolute pressure of 50, 100 and 150 g was applied at three positions to simulate the classical pulse diagnosis. The transient pressure changes at the same absolute pressure were(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal surgical approach for blepharoptosis is dependent upon many factors, the most important being levator function. However, the preferred approach in severe blepharoptosis remains a matter of contention. METHODS We investigated 130 patients with levator function between 2 and 4 mm who underwent corrective surgery for blepharoptosis(More)
BACKGROUND Marcus Gunn described for the first time a syndrome consisting of unilateral, congenital ptosis, and rapid exaggerated elevation of the ptotic eyelid during movement of the mandible to the contralateral side. METHODS Here, clinical findings from the management of 20 patients with jaw-winking syndrome have been reviewed. Preoperative measurement(More)
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