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Medical message boards are online resources where users with a particular condition exchange information, some of which they might not otherwise share with medical providers. Many of these boards contain a large number of posts and contain patient opinions and experiences that would be potentially useful to clinicians and researchers. We present an approach(More)
BACKGROUND Studies that have looked at the effectiveness of computerized decision support systems to prevent drug-drug interactions have reported modest results because of low response by the providers to the automated alerts. OBJECTIVE To evaluate, within an inpatient computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system, the incremental effectiveness of an(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether a rule-based algorithm applied to an outpatient electronic medical record (EMR) can identify patients who are pregnant and prescribed medications proved to cause birth defects. DESIGN A descriptive study using the University of Pennsylvania Health System outpatient EMR to simulate a prospective algorithm to identify(More)
BACKGROUND A 2005 report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Centers for Disease Control Surgical Infection Prevention program indicated that only 41% of prophylactic antibacterials were correctly stopped within 24 h of the end of surgery. Electronic order sets have shown promise as a means of integrating guideline information with(More)
Purpose Non-infectious uveitis (" uveitis ") is an important cause of visual loss amongst children. Although TNFa inhibitors (anti-TNFa) are increasingly used to treat pediatric uvei-tis, the outcomes of treatment with these agents have been poorly described. We are studying the largest, and only multicenter, group of patients with pediatric uveitis in(More)
To assess the severity of illness of oncology patients, it is necessary to distinguish patients with a single primary tumor from patients with metastatic disease occurring at a secondary location remote from the primary site. We developed a ranked list of cancer groupings and an algorithm that could distinguish patients with primary and metastatic cancer(More)
A dificult balance exists in the use of cancer chemotherapy in which the cytotoxic medicine must act on the cancer without causing neutropenic fever, a condition that is caused by over-suppression of the immune system. An improved understanding of dosing strategies as well as the use ofmedications to support the immune system has helped to reduce the(More)
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