Sean Hanna

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and Jason Zweig for useful conversations and to Lipper Analytical Services for data on Texas municipal bond funds. Abstract. We examine the geographic distribution of the shareholders of the U.S. Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) and document that a customer of an RBOC is more likely to invest in his local company than in an RBOC in another service(More)
While structural optimisation is usually handled by iterative methods requiring repeated samples of a physics-based model, this process can be computationally demanding. Given a set of previously optimised structures of the same topology, this paper uses inductive learning to replace this optimisation process entirely by deriving a function that directly(More)
Style is a broad term that could potentially refer to any features of a work, as well as a fluid concept that is subject to change and disagreement. A similarly flexible method of representing style is proposed based on the idea of an archetype, to which real designs can be compared, and tested with examples of architectural plans. Unlike a fixed, symbolic(More)
I ntelligent environments are populated with numerous devices and have multiple occupants, inherently exhibit increasingly intelligent behavior, support consistent func-tionality and human-centered operation (humans, as opposed to mere users, have increased requirements from a system, including, for example, intuitive interaction, protection of privacy ,(More)