Sean Halloran

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The primary sequence of the microtubule-associated protein tau contains multiple repeats of the sequence -X-Ser/Thr-Pro-X-, the consensus sequence for the proline-directed protein kinase (p34cdc2/p58cyclin A). When phosphorylated by proline-directed protein kinase in vitro, tau was found to incorporate up to 4.4 mol of phosphate/mol of protein. Isoelectric(More)
To improve micropropagation and acclimatization of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.), we evaluated the effects of media volume, plant density, macronutrient ion concentrations, cationic ratios [NH4 +]/[K+], and sucrose concentration. Multiplication was highest with low bud density. Yield of new plants was highest with high bud density, the most sucrose, the(More)
This paper describes an attempt to use technology to inject excitement into a life science course. We describe how we used and plan to use in class two complementary software tools: a server-based web application and a client-based mobile device application. Combined, they enable students to submit GPS-stamped images, audio, video, and text, to interact(More)
Document design had its origins in the 1930s, but much of its development in theory, research, and practice has occurred in the past ten years (1980-1990). This article provides a snapshot of the evolution of document design, includes a comprehensive list of research references, and stresses the need to integrate theory and research with practice as we move(More)
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