Sean Goggins

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This is a position paper presenting a perspective on fundamental assumptions about doing, teaching and learning mathematics in the presence of computer and communicative technologies. Doing, teaching and learning mathematics are activities that centrally involve discourse. Computer and communication technologies can facilitate collaborative interactions(More)
This is a paper on innovative development activities to create a multiuser format for the GeoGebra interface. The Virtual Math Teams Project has for several years been developing an online environment to support small groups of students to engage in collaborative learning of mathematics. The software environment integrates synchronous and asynchronous media(More)
The selective synthesis of 2,6-trans-tetrahydropyran derivatives employing the rhodium catalysed addition of organoboron reagents to dihydropyranone templates, derived from a zinc-catalysed hetero-Diels-Alder reaction, is reported. The addition of both arylboronic acids and potassium alkenyltrifluoroborates have been accomplished in high yields using(More)
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