Sean F. Eddy

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BACKGROUND Critical to advancing the systems-level evaluation of complex biological processes is the development of comprehensive networks and computational methods to apply to the analysis of systems biology data (transcriptomics, proteomics/phosphoproteomics, metabolomics, etc.). Ideally, these networks will be specifically designed to capture the normal,(More)
To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying compound-induced hemangiosarcomas in mice, and therefore, their human relevance, a systems biology approach was undertaken using transcriptomics and Causal Network Modeling from mice treated with 2-butoxyethanol (2-BE). 2-BE is a hemolytic agent that induces hemangiosarcomas in mice. We hypothesized that the(More)
Human 19K cDNA microarrays containing cDNAs corresponding to genes involved in all major cellular signaling pathways, were utilized to monitor changes in gene expression that occur during hibernation in skeletal muscle of little brown bats, Myotis lucifugus. These animals experience extreme environmental conditions that would result in cold injury and death(More)
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