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We describe a fixed-rate, lossy texture compression system that is designed to offer an unusual degree of flexibility and to support a very wide range of use cases, while providing better image quality than most formats in common use today. The system supports both 2D and 3D textures, at both standard and high dynamic range, at bit rates ranging from eight(More)
Educators can now build large-scale immersive virtual reality (VR) displays using common electronics and CaveUT (http://PublicVR.org/ut/CaveUT.html). CaveUT is an open-source freeware modification to the graphically intensive video game, Unreal Tournament. The resulting software platform can support VR applications with a wide range of visual content,(More)
While many pleasing effects are possible using the current VRML sound model [9], it falls short of producing convincing aural environments. Sound sources are not easily affected by their environment, and workarounds for this often increase file sizes dramatically. This paper presents possible methods for defining additional sound cues in such a way as to(More)
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