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The effects of different surface roughness models on a previously developed van der Waals adhesion model were examined. The van der Waals adhesion model represented surface roughness with a distribution of hemispherical asperities. It was found that the constraints used to define the asperity distribution on the surface, which were determined from AFM(More)
A new method for determining Hamaker constants was examined for materials of interest in integrated circuit manufacture. An ultra-high vacuum atomic force microscope and an atomic force microscope operated in a nitrogen environment were used to measure the interaction forces between metals, dielectrics, and barriers used during the metalization portion of(More)
A combined theoretical and experimental study of the adhesion of alumina particles and polystyrene latex spheres to silicon dioxide surfaces was performed. A boundary element technique was used to model electrostatic interactions between micron-scale particles and planar surfaces when the particles and surfaces were in contact. This method allows(More)
For the successful implementation of extreme ultra violet (EUV) technology in high volume manufacturing, all substrate defects should be removed. The requirement of total defect removal makes EUV substrate cleaning the most challenging subject in the field of particle removal in the world today. In this paper, we present the latest results of EUV mask(More)
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