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This paper provides new insight into the situational risks of young drivers, especially in terms of the passenger effect. Two 1988 data bases from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation were used to estimate accident involvement rates by number of passengers, time of day and day of the week--first individually and then for all two-way combinations with the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of preoperative imaging for diagnosis of combined hepatocellular cholangiocarcinoma tumors and to evaluate the clinical and imaging features and demographics of patients presenting to our institution with such tumors. MATERIALS AND METHODS From January 2001 to January 2011, 29(More)
A conceptual model of the weekly household activity-travel scheduling process 2 ABSTRACT The goal of this paper is to describe a conceptual model of the household activity scheduling process, based partially on empirical evidence gathered using a Computerized Household Activity Scheduling Elicitor (CHASE) survey. The paper begins with a review of activity(More)
The primary goal of activity-based models is a fundamental examination of the behavioral process that results in revealed travel behavior. To reveal this process, a new computer program, REACT! 1 , has been developed to collect data for a study of the determinants of travel and activity behavior in households. This data is inherently dynamic, since(More)
A growing range of studies have begun to document the health and well-being benefits associated with contact with nature. Most studies rely on generalized self-reports following engagement in the natural environment. The actual in-situ experience during contact with nature, and the environmental features and factors that evoke health benefits have remained(More)
Smartphone "apps" are a powerful tool for public health promotion, but unidimensional interventions have been ineffective at sustaining behavioural change. Various logistical issues exist in successful app development for health intervention programs and for sustaining behavioural change. This study reports on a smartphone application and messaging service,(More)
Research on new casinos typically focuses upon their impact on the community, rather than on specific at-risk groups. This research study explores the impact of the opening of a new casino on attitudes of older adult casino patrons, especially those at particular risk of having gambling problems. Results demonstrate that over 80% of older adult casino(More)