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An understanding of the basic pathophysiology and molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease is essential to effective treatment of the disease. Despite multiple hypotheses related to the development and progression of Alzheimer's disease, no unifying theory is currently available. Inflammation, oxidation stress, estrogen hormone status, pathways for(More)
The records of 95 consecutive people older than 65 years and admitted to a community hospital were retrospectively reviewed to determine the prevalence of undiagnosed delirium in hospitalized elderly patients. Chart review focused on identification of patients with documented diagnosed delirium according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental(More)
This section reviews some of the more prominent alternate causes of dementia that need to be excluded when pursuing a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. In practice, this exclusion cannot be done with 100% precision. Consequently, the accuracy of the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is approximately 85%. Brain biopsy, which is seldom performed in(More)
Let us know how access to this document benefits you. Abstract Freshwater ecosystems are subject to a wide variety of stressors, which can have complex interactions and result in ecological surprises. Non-native fish introductions have drastically reduced the number of naturally fishless lakes and have resulted in cascading food web repercussions in aquatic(More)
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