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Current micro-architecture blindly uses the address in the program counter to fetch and execute instructions without validating its legitimacy. Whenever this blind-folded instruction sequencing is not properly addressed at a higher level by system, it becomes a vulnerability of control data attacks, today's dominant and most critical security threats. To(More)
Seventy-six patients who had sustained Bennett's fractures before 1985 comprised the patient base. Of these, 21 could be contacted and were reviewed at an average of 7 years 7 months after fracture to determine the effect of the quality of reduction on clinical and radiological outcome. Those cases that healed with up to 1 mm of fracture displacement were(More)
Forty-seven MacIntosh anterior cruciate reconstructions using iliotibial band were performed in patients with chronic instability symptoms and positive pivot shift jerk. In 22 knees, a lateral substitution technique alone was used. In 25 knees, the technique was supplemented with an intraarticular component. After an average of follow-up of nine years, 62%(More)
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