Sean D. Boyden

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In this paper we study the use of TCP Vegas as a transport protocol for streaming media. We also consider TCP NewReno as a transport protocol for streaming media. We find that: 1) TCP is able to transport streaming media with good performance in a wide variety of scenarios; 2) TCP Vegas performs better than TCP NewReno in many cases; and 3) for viable media(More)
Grape sour (bunch) rot is a polymicrobial disease of vineyards that causes millions of dollars in lost revenue per year due to decreased quality of grapes and resultant wine. The disease is associated with damaged berries infected with a community of acetic acid bacteria, yeasts, and filamentous fungi that results in rotting berries with high amounts of(More)
Although pain in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is frequently thought to be inflammatory in nature, the association between measures of inflammation and pain intensity is low. This observation is likely due to the multifactorial nature of pain. In addition to pain from joint inflammation, RA patients may also have pain due to structural damage or central(More)
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