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Long-term opioid therapy poses a risk for abuse and misuse in some patients. Identifying which patients may potentially be at risk prior to initiation of therapy, and identifying patients in whom these problems develop during therapy, are significant challenges. Outcome prediction is impeded by the complexity of the problem, where considerable heterogeneity(More)
5-Fluoroanthranilic acid (FAA)-resistant mutants were selected in homothallic diploids of three Saccharomyces species, taking care to isolate mutants of independent origin. Mutations were assigned to complementation groups by interspecific complementation with S. cerevisiae tester strains. In all three species, trp3, trp4 and trp5 mutants were recovered.(More)
P2Y receptors are expressed in virtually all cells and tissue types and mediate an astonishing array of biological functions, including platelet aggregation, smooth muscle cell proliferation, and immune regulation. The P2Y receptors belong to the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily and are composed of eight members encoded by distinct genes that can be(More)
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