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Long-term opioid therapy poses a risk for abuse and misuse in some patients. Identifying which patients may potentially be at risk prior to initiation of therapy, and identifying patients in whom these problems develop during therapy, are significant challenges. Outcome prediction is impeded by the complexity of the problem, where considerable heterogeneity(More)
*See the author list of " Overview of the JET results in support to ITER " by X. Litaudon et al. to be published in Nuclear Fusion Special issue: overview and summary reports from the 26th Abstract. The measured D-D neutron rate of NBI heated JET baseline and hybrid H-modes in Deuterium is found to be between approximately 50% and 100% of the neutron rate(More)
" This document is intended for publication in the open literature. It is made available on the understanding that it may not be further circulated and extracts or references may not be published prior to publication of the original when applicable, or without the consent of the Publications Officer, ABSTRACT Free unfolding in neutron spectroscopy means(More)
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