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The authors investigated the multisensory control of posture by altering sensory information across the visual and somatosensory systems. The support surface and visual surround were sway-referenced to anterior/posterior center of mass sway and the gain between postural sway and degree of sway referencing was manipulated (gain settings were 0.2, 1.0, and(More)
Quantum computations that involve only Clifford operations are classically simulable despite the fact that they generate highly entangled states; this is the content of the Gottesman-Knill theorem. Here we isolate the ingredients of the theorem and provide generalisations of some of them with the aim of identifying new classes of simulable quantum(More)
The present study examined how the availability of and alterations in sensory information during the sensory organization test (SOT) influenced the amount, variability, and temporal structure of spontaneous postural sway in young, healthy adults. Findings indicated that postural sway tended to increase in amount and variability as the SOT condition became(More)
<i>ColourNet</i> is a digital art system composed of a set interactive and interacting artworks. Although the artworks are able to work independently, they can also operate together to provide enhanced possibilities for human interaction and creative participation. We describe the <i>ColourNet</i> digital art system and demonstrate how people can interact(More)
At CHI2015 our Art.CHI initiative led to a two-day workshop, an art catalog and presentations during Interactivity. The long-term plan is to turn this into a regular feature of CHI. For CHI2016 we will additionally use a gallery space within the Conference concourse. This workshop will invite digital artists to present their work, discuss its immediate(More)
Genetic engineering (GE) offers an expanding array of strategies for enhancing disease resistance of crop plants in sustainable ways, including the potential for reduced pesticide usage. Certain GE applications involve transgenesis, in some cases creating a metabolic pathway novel to the GE crop. In other cases, only cisgenessis is employed. In yet other(More)
Organizational resilience emphasizes the adaptive capacity for renewal after crisis. This paper explores the sustainability and resilience of a not-for-profit firm that claims to contribute to sustainable development of the food system. We used semi-structured interviews and Holling's adaptive cycle as a heuristic device to assess what constitutes social(More)