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Health concepts depend on socially constructed hygiene practices. Many accounts of "traditional" Gypsy hygiene make gender differentiation primary, implying that traditional health practices reinforce patriarchy and emphasizing the special needs of Gypsy women. This paper argues, however, that the position of women is contested in Romani society. Although(More)
INTRODUCTION Prehospital intravenous (IV) access in children may be difficult and time-consuming. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) protocols often dictate IV placement; however, some IV catheters may not be needed. The scene and transport time associated with attempting IV access in children is unknown. The objective of this study is to examine differences(More)
Using Floquet-Bloch theory, we find incipient bands (vanishing gaps) in the band structures of one-dimensional photonic crystals with a piece-wise constant profile of the refractive index, and in the band structures of continuously differentiable periodic potentials. The emphasis is on potentials that allow solutions in an exact analytical form.
OBJECTIVE To describe the injury incidence in Gaelic football. METHODS A total of 83 players from three counties were interviewed monthly about their injury experience, during the 6 months of the playing season. RESULTS The injury rate was 13.5/1000 h exposure to Gaelic football (95% CI, 10.9 to 16.6). There were nearly twice as many injuries during(More)
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