Sean C. Wightman

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Obesity has been variously associated with reduced or similar rates of postoperative complications compared to normal weight patients undergoing esophagectomy for cancer. In contrast, little is known about esophagectomy risks in the underweight population. The relationship between the extremes of body mass index (BMI) and postoperative complications after(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure the implications of the new Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education duty hour regulations for education, well-being, and burnout. DESIGN Longitudinal study. SETTING Eleven university-based general surgery residency programs from July 2011 to May 2012. PARTICIPANTS Two hundred thirteen surgical interns. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
Oligometastasis is a clinically distinct subset of metastasis characterized by a limited number of metastases potentially curable with localized therapies. We analyzed pathways targeted by microRNAs over-expressed in clinical oligometastasis samples and identified suppression of cellular adhesion, invasion, and motility pathways in association with the(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the perspectives of surgical interns regarding the implications of the new Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) duty-hour regulations for their training. DESIGN We compared responses of interns and surgery program directors on a survey about the proposed ACGME mandates. SETTING Eleven general surgery(More)
Ethical scenarios, such as the one above, frequently arise in surgical specialties. The surgical environment often is saturated with complicated decisions, critically ill patients, and delivering bad news. Ethics is central to both medical and surgical practice. However, surgical ethics is different from other areas of medical ethics in that surgeons are(More)
BACKGROUND The long-term benefits and risks of pneumonectomy after neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy remain controversial. This study evaluated our experience with pneumonectomy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) after concurrent chemoradiation therapy. METHODS We reviewed medical records from patients undergoing concurrent chemoradiation(More)
Fibrosing mediastinitis due to Aspergillus is rare, particularly in the immunocompetent host. Fibrosing mediastinitis due to Aspergillus species in the immunocompetent patient can be indolent and may be treated with antifungal therapy rather than surgery. We present a 78-year-old nonsmoking, nondiabetic woman with chronic fibrosing mediastinitis due to(More)
BACKGROUND The CXCL10/CXCR3 signalling mediates paracrine interactions between tumour and stromal cells that govern leukocyte trafficking and angiogenesis. Emerging data implicate noncanonical CXCL10/CXCR3 signalling in tumourigenesis and metastasis. However, little is known regarding the role for autocrine CXCL10/CXCR3 signalling in regulating the(More)
BACKGROUND Xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) is a rate-limiting enzyme in the purine metabolism pathway. Lack of XOR expression is associated with unfavorable clinical outcomes. The objective of this study was to correlate XOR expression with prognosis in surgically resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS Immunohistochemical staining was(More)
Metastatic tumors are a major source of morbidity and mortality for most cancers. Interaction of circulating tumor cells with endothelium, platelets and neutrophils play an important role in the early stages of metastasis formation. These complex dynamics have proven difficult to study in experimental models. Prior computational models of metastases have(More)