Sean Arietta

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The amount of images being uploaded to the internet is rapidly increasing, with Facebook users uploading over 2.5 billion new photos every month [Facebook 2010], however, applications that make use of this data are severely lacking. Current computer vision applications use a small number of input images because of the difficulty is in acquiring(More)
We present a new technique for fusing together an arbitrary number of aligned images into a single color or intensity image. We approach this fusion problem from the context of Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and describe an algorithm that preserves the relative distances between pairs of pixel values in the input (vectors of measurements) as perceived(More)
Many example-based imageprocessing algorithms operate on image patches (texture synthesis, resolution enhancement, image denoising, and so on). However, inaccessibility to a large, varied collection of image patches has hindered widespread adoption of these methods. The authors describe the construction of a database of one trillion image patches and(More)
Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification. Now in current world most of the iris comparison systems uses sequential and parallel execution but when iris dataset is large i. e. Big Data then in that case it has certain deficiencies like speed, complexity of dividing data, handling large data and robustness. So we are implementing(More)
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