Sean Andrew Jacobs

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In previous fMRI research, we found that two subregions of the left inferior frontal cortex showed distinct patterns of activity during a verbal working memory task. Specifically, a more dorsal region tracked with performance, while a more ventral region was sensitive to lexical status. To test the veracity of this finding, we developed a new method for(More)
A quasi-transfer experiment tested the effect of simulator motion on recurrent evaluation and training ofairlinepilots.TwogroupsoftwentyB747-400pilots were randomly assigned to a flight simulator with or withoutplatformmotion.Inthreephases,theyflewfour maneuvers designed to reveal differences due to motion. In the first phase, termed Evaluation, the two(More)
Peripheral aromatase activity was measured in 24 postmenopausal women suffering from advanced breast cancer. The % conversion of androstenedione to oestrone was then assessed for a significant correlation with age, weight, height, Quetelets index (weight/height2, Q.I.) and length of menopause. Serum oestradiol (E2) levels were measured in 22 of the subjects(More)
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