Sean Andrew Jacobs

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UNLABELLED The relative importance of endothelium- and cardiomyocyte-derived nitric oxide (NO) is unknown, with a lack of direct studies on cardiac microvessel endothelial cells (CMEC) and cardiomyocytes regarding relative cellular NO production. AIMS To assess and compare baseline and hypoxia-induced NO and ONOO- production in cardiomyocytes and CMEC. (More)
Microglia, the innate immune cells of the central nervous system (CNS), react to endotoxins like bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS) with a pronounced inflammatory response. To avoid excess damage to the CNS, the microglia inflammatory response needs to be tightly regulated. Here we report that a single LPS challenge results in a prolonged blunted(More)
Insulin replacement by injection is clearly not a cure for Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). Replacement of the destroyed islets by pancreas or islet allograft transplantation can achieve the good metabolic control required to prevent diabetic complications, but tissue supply is limited. The problem of islet supply to treat the 1 million IDDM(More)
A quasi-transfer experiment tested the effect of simulator motion on recurrent evaluation and training ofairlinepilots.TwogroupsoftwentyB747-400pilots were randomly assigned to a flight simulator with or withoutplatformmotion.Inthreephases,theyflewfour maneuvers designed to reveal differences due to motion. In the first phase, termed Evaluation, the two(More)
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