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The gene Rv1885c from the genome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv encodes a monofunctional and secreted chorismate mutase (*MtCM) with a 33-amino-acid cleavable signal sequence; hence, it belongs to the *AroQ class of chorismate mutases. Consistent with the heterologously expressed *MtCM having periplasmic destination in Escherichia coli and the absence(More)
Preoccupation with weight status and a desire to lose weight appears common. Many individuals seek "magic bullet" approaches to weight loss and waive the risks of using these products. In this paper, we review the challenges of weight maintenance, highlight some unhealthy weight control practices, and discuss the futility and potential danger of unregulated(More)
'Because common mechanisms seem to contribute to at least some aspects of all drug addiction, and possibly to natural addictions as well, it might be possible to develop treatments that would be effective for a wide range of addictive disorders….. A high priority for current research should be to focus on bringing some of the most promising common(More)
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