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Gene trees will often differ from the true species history, the species tree, as a result of processes such as incomplete lineage sorting. New methods such as Bayesian Estimation of the Species Tree (BEST) use the multispecies coalescent to model lineage sorting, and directly infer the species tree from multilocus DNA sequence data. The Sulidae (Aves:(More)
This paper presents the design of a robotic module that is the building block for a magnetically-coupled reconfigurable robot network. The developed module has on-board computation, IR communication and integrated power. The development of this modular network and the associated reconfiguration methodology is motivated by the premise that magnetic latching(More)
Preventable adverse drug events occur frequently at transitions in care and are a problem for many patients following hospital discharge. Many of these problems can be attributed to poor medication reconciliation. The purpose of this study was to assess the impact that direct pharmacist involvement in the discharge medication reconciliation process had on(More)
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