Seamus Moloney

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WLAN link layer security has been well studied but very little work exists in the area of intuitive access control inside home networks. In this paper we propose an approach that allows fine-grained access control without overburdening users with difficult questions or complicated configuration tasks. The proposed concept originated from a user needs study(More)
Research in the area of the digital / smart home has been shifting from the in-home environment to the extended aspect, where trusted users can remotely access the home hosted content while away. Our work takes this paradigm one step further, studying how the home can become a content provider, by opening service interfaces to 3 party Internet services, in(More)
A large amount of versatile services are emerging as home networks and devices are opened for different manufacturers and service developers. With this complexity comes a need to make these services more personalized and secure. However, at the same time, the home network should be easy to manage for non-expert users. In this paper, we propose OpenHouse, a(More)
This paper studies Internet protocols and services which is currently server based and which show good potential to be distributed to client terminals. Server based services require installation, operation and maintenance. A finite upper limit on the number of servers leads to potential performance bottlenecks. There are environments and situations in which(More)
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