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The state is still the significant unit for innovative studies during the age of R&D globalization and innovation regionalization. Using the bibliometric method, this paper attempts to provide a comprehensive picture of national innovation studies based on data derived from the Web of Knowledge. In particular, we identify the most significant countries and(More)
This paper examines the prospects for rural areas within the Information Society, referring particularly to the EU experience. Among these are the diminishing e!ects of distance from core markets and enhancing the learning capacities of rural areas by improving access to relevant information. EU policy to date has been in#uenced by a strong technology(More)
Aston Academy for Research in Management is the administrative centre for all research activities at Aston Business School. The School comprises more than 70 academic staff organised into thematic research groups along with a Doctoral Programme of more than 50 research students. Research is carried out in all of the major areas of business studies and a(More)
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