Seamer Carr

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An optical evaluation technique is described that is suitable for determining the positions and magnitudes of reflection sites within miniature optical assemblies. This method utilizes the coherence effects exhibited by a broadband optical source and is referred to as optical coherence-domain reflectometry. Background theory is given, and experimental(More)
The dynamic response of InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots (QDs) to strain is studied experimentally by periodically modulating the QDs with a surface acoustic wave and measuring the QD fluorescence with photoluminescence and resonant spectroscopy. When the acoustic frequency is larger than the QD linewidth, we resolve phonon sidebands in the QD(More)
We discovered stripe patterns of trimerization-ferroelectric domains in hexagonal REMnO(3) (RE=Ho,···,Lu) crystals (grown below ferroelectric transition temperatures (T(c)), reaching up to 1435 °C), in contrast with the vortex patterns in YMnO(3). These stripe patterns roughen with the appearance of numerous loop domains through thermal annealing just below(More)
We show that a scanning capacitance microscope (SCM) can image buried delta-doped donor nanostructures fabricated in Si via a recently developed atomic-precision scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) lithography technique. A critical challenge in completing atomic-precision nanoelectronic devices is to accurately align mesoscopic metal contacts to the STM(More)
A cryogenic radiometer device, intended for use as part of an electrical-substitution radiometer, was measured at low temperature. The device consists of a receiver cavity mechanically and thermally connected to a temperature-controlled stage through a thin-walled polyimide tube which serves as a weak thermal link. With the temperature difference between(More)
The first demonstration of a full-scale working undulator module suitable for future TeV-scale positron-electron linear collider positron sources is presented. Generating sufficient positrons is an important challenge for these colliders, and using polarized e(+) would enhance the machine's capabilities. In an undulator-based source polarized positrons are(More)
One of the deposits studied, Context 147 from Trench 83, is considered to be of very great potential importance in reconstructing local aquatic, aquatic-marginal and terrestrial habitats, and for climatic reconstruction and studies of faunal history. If contemporaneous with the Mesolithic activity at the site it will be of the highest archaeological(More)
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