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Authentication and authorization are two of the most important security features for mobile transaction systems. Most commonly, these schemes depend on three factors: what you know (secret), what you have (token), and what you are (biometrics). In this paper, we propose a location-based authentication and authorization scheme for mobile transactions using(More)
Both correct transmission using hashing and protection of messages using encryption in sensor nodes require additional energy. This paper describes our measurement results for energy consumption in CrossBow and Ember sensor nodes for the process of exchanging data messages between nodes both in the clear and in a protected form. Full strength algorithms(More)
Society benefits from M-Commerce applications to a greater extent. The most attractive benefit of M-Commerce applications is the mobility. Even though users have a poor computer literacy, they will be able to use the M-Commerce applications easily. Additionally, the M-Commerce applications have the potential of reducing the distance barriers. In developing(More)
Secure usage of public key certificates relies on the possibility to revoke such a certificate in certain situations, for example in case its corresponding private key is compromised. The usual approach for providing revocation information is based on Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). CRLs need to be downloaded frequently by end-users to insure the(More)