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Various types of certificates are basic tools of modern cryptography and networks security. They are used in various protocols, in the form of public key identity certificates, binding a key to its owner or in the form of attribute certificates, being a proof of rights and capabilities of their owner. Management of certificates (creation, distribution,(More)
Current research in the area of mobile agents’ security mainly deals with protection and security for agents and agents’ runtime platforms. Mobile agent systems usually do not provide an extensive security methodology for the entire agent’s life cycle, from agent’s creation to its deployment and execution. In this paper we(More)
  • Sead Muftic
  • Ellis Horwood series in computers and their…
  • 1988
The program of the CEC COST-11 ter Project "Security Mechanisms for Computer Networks" was published in the Computer Networks and ISDN systems, Vol. 12, No. 5, 1987. This report is a continuation of that paper and contains current results of the Project. In the first part of this paper project schedule, objectives and goals are briefly described. The main(More)
Most of the current security systems do not provide adequate level of protection against ever-increasing threats. The main reason for their failure is the use of point solutions to protect hosts and reactive approach against intrusions. We studied human immune system, which survives under dynamic changing conditions and provides protection against(More)
Wireless sensor networks usually comprise a number of sensors with limited resources. Each sensor includes sensing equipment, a data processing unit, a short range radio device and a battery [Pottie & Kaiser, 2000; Kahn et al.,1999; Akyildiz, 2002]. These networks have been considered for various purposes including border security, military target tracking(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a comprehensive system for protection of Web contents. In this design, new security components and extended security features are introduced in order to protect Web contents ageist various Web attacks. Components and extended security features are: protection of Web pages using strong encryption(More)
Both correct transmission using hashing and protection of messages using encryption in sensor nodes require additional energy. This paper describes our measurement results for energy consumption in CrossBow and Ember sensor nodes for the process of exchanging data messages between nodes both in the clear and in a protected form. Full strength algorithms(More)