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Syndactyly in Holstein cattle is an autosomal recessive abnormality characterized by the fusion of the functional digits. This disorder has been previously mapped to the telomeric part of bovine chromosome 15. Here, we describe the fine-mapping of syndactyly in Holstein cattle to a 3.5-Mb critical interval using a comparative mapping approach and an(More)
The R-spondin (Rspo) proteins constitute a novel class of ligands that induce Wnt signalling. Rspo1 knockout XX mice were previously shown to be sex-reversed, but some remain sub-fertile. These last were unable to feed their pups for some unknown reason. Using these mice and transplanted mammary tissues from Rspo1(-/-) virgin mice in nude mice, we report(More)
The physiological function of the prion protein remains largely elusive while its key role in prion infection has been expansively documented. To potentially assess this conundrum, we performed a comparative transcriptomic analysis of the brain of wild-type mice with that of transgenic mice invalidated at this locus either at the zygotic or at the adult(More)
RSPO1 is a newly discovered gene involved in sex differentiation. Two goat BAC clones encompassing the RSPO1 gene (gRSPO1) were injected into mouse oocytes and several transgenic lines derived. Both clones induced gRSPO1 over-expression in various tissues, including male and female gonads, with no obvious phenotype and normal sex-ratios. Introgression of(More)
A medium-density map of the horse genome (Equus caballus) was constructed using genes evenly distributed over the human genome. Three hundred and twenty-three exonic primer pairs were used to screen the INRA and the CHORI-241 equine BAC libraries by polymerase chain reaction and by filter hybridization respectively. Two hundred and thirty-seven BACs(More)
R-spondin1 (Rspo1) is a member of a secreted protein family which has pleiotropic functions in development and stem cell growth. Rspo1 knock-out mice are sex-reversed, but some remain sub-fertile, so they fail to nurse their pups. A lack of Rspo1 expression in the mammary gland results in an absence of duct side-branching development and defective alveolar(More)
Laminins are large heterotrimeric basement membrane glycoproteins composed of alpha, beta and gamma chains. The Laminin 5 isoform has an alpha3beta3gamma2 composition and is essential for the adhesion of basal keratinocytes to the underlying epithelial basement membrane where it is mainly located. Mutations in the genes coding for the 3 chains have been(More)
Sead Chadi (sead.chadi@jouy.inra.fr) Rachel Young (rachel.young@jouy.inra.fr) Sandrine Le Guillou (sandrine.leguillou@jouy.inra.fr) Gaelle Tilly (gaelle.tilly@univ-nantes.fr) Frederique Bitton (bitton@evry.inra.fr) Marie-Laure Martin-Magniette (mlmartin@agroparistech.fr) Ludivine Soubigou-Taconnat (taconnat@evry.inra.fr) Sandrine Balzergue(More)
Lactation performance is dependent on both the genetic characteristics and the environmental conditions surrounding lactating cows. However, individual variations can still be observed within a given breed under similar environmental conditions. The role of the environment between birth and lactation could be better appreciated in cloned cows, which are(More)
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