Sea Yuong Jeon

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Currently, endoscopic endonasal reduction and transcaruncular reduction are frequently used as surgical treatments for medial orbital wall fractures. However, these 2 surgical techniques have not been comprehensively compared using objective criteria. Therefore, the results of these 2 techniques were compared retrospectively using 8 objective criteria in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis (HNL) is a cervical lymphadenitis that occurs rarely in children. This study was conducted to identify the clinical characteristics of lymphadenitis in children and compare the clinical characteristics observed in children and adults. SUBJECT AND METHODS The clinical characteristics, diagnosis,(More)
Ectopic cervical thymic tissue has rarely been reported in the medical literature. However, it should be included in the differential diagnosis of neck masses, and especially for children. This lesion generally occurs in the descent line of the thymus from the angle of the mandible to the superior mediastinum. The preoperative diagnosis of ectopic cervical(More)
PURPOSE Radiotherapy for head and neck cancer does not impair the voice quality as much as laser treatment or surgery, but it can induce muscle wasting and fibrosis and symptoms of dry mouth. We investigated the effect of irradiation on the myosin heavy chain (MyHC) expression in laryngeal muscles. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rats were irradiated with one dose(More)
Pseudomeningoceles are formed by extravasation of cerebrospinal fluid through a dural defect into soft tissue. They mostly form as a result of surgical trauma to the dural covering of the lumbar or cervical spine surgery, especially during laminectomy. Howerver, post-traumatic pseudomeningocele rarely occurs in the head and neck. A 32-year-old female(More)
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