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Highly enhanced nonlinear absorption cross section values of C60(>DPAF-C2M), C60(>DPAF-C9), and C60(>DPAF-C10) dyads were detected up to 5400, 9700, and 14000 GM, respectively, in the 2.0 ps region in toluene at the concentration of 1.5 x 10(-3) M. They were correlated to a trend showing higher efficiency in light transmittance attenuation down to 39-46%(More)
Colloidal nanocrystal quantum dots (NQDs) of narrow band gap materials are of substantial general interest because of their unparalleled potential as infrared fluorophores. While PbSe NQDs are a promising class of infrared-active nanocrystals due to high emission quantum yields and a wide useful spectral range, typical synthetic methods are sensitive to a(More)
We report a facile synthesis of large-area homogeneous three-dimensional (3D) Ag nanostructures on Au-supported polyaniline (PANI) membranes through a direct chemical reduction of metal ions by PANI. The citric acid absorbed on the Au nuclei that are prefabricated on PANI membranes directs Ag nanoaprticles (AgNPs) to self-assemble into 3D Ag nanosheet(More)
A gradient of novel silver nanostructures with widely varying sizes and morphologies is fabricated on a single conducting polyaniline-graphite (P-G) membrane with the assistance of an external electric field. It is believed that the formation of such a silver gradient is a synergetic consequence of the generation of a silver ion concentration gradient along(More)
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