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Previously, bone morphogenetic protein-7 (BMP-7) was suggested as a factor that may act to facilitate the transition of follicles from primordial stage to the pool of developed primary, preantral, and antral follicles (Lee et al. 2001: Biol Reprod 65:994-999.). Thus, aim of the present study was to evaluate effect(s) of BMP-7 on the primordial-primary(More)
Leptin is a circulating hormone that plays an important role in the regulation of metabolism, obesity, and reproduction. Leptin binds to its receptors on the cell membrane and is involved in the activation of STAT3. Recently, endometrium was suggested to be a novel target for leptin recently. We, therefore, examined the expression of leptin, leptin(More)
Previously, we have shown that Bcl2l10 is highly expressed in metaphase II (MII)-stage oocytes. The objective of this study was to characterize Bcl2l10 expression in ovaries and to examine the function of Bcl2l10 in oocyte maturation using RNA interference. Bcl2l10 transcript expression was ovary and oocyte specific. Bcl2l10 was highly expressed in oocytes(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) has recently emerged as a potential regulator of follicular development because of its involvement in the regulation of several physiological functions of the ovary. NO influences apoptotic cell death of follicular cells as a follicle survival factor. The present study was conducted (1) to investigate the mechanism involved in the(More)
To obtain a gene expression profile during embryo apposition to the luminal epithelium, we isolated mouse luminal epithelium from implantation (IM) and interimplantation (INTER) sites using laser capture microdissection (LCM), and analyzed their gene expression by microarray analysis. IM and INTER sites were sampled on day 4.5 after mating of female mice(More)
OBJECTIVE To study global gene expression profiles of early folliculogenesis in primordial, primary, and secondary follicles. DESIGN A cDNA microarray study using amplified RNAs from isolated follicles. SETTING Experimental animal study. ANIMAL(S) Female ICR strain mice (12 days old). INTERVENTION(S) Isolation of follicles at each stage, RNA(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the short-term clinical effects of the intra-articular injection of botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A) for the treatment of adhesive capsulitis. METHODS A prospective, controlled trial compared the effects of intra-articular BoNT-A (Dysport; 200 IU, n=15) with the steroid triamcinolone acetate (TA; 20 mg, n=13) in patients suffering(More)
By using a new innovative technology, annealing control primer-polymerase chain reaction (ACP-PCR), we identified genes that are differentially expressed in immature GV vs. in mature MII mouse oocytes. The results of the present study will be valuable in understanding the components of oocyte maturation and provide a basis for studies of human oocyte(More)
OBJECTIVE To elucidate the function of cytosolic malate dehydrogenase (Mor2) in oocyte maturation and embryo development using RNA interference (RNAi). DESIGN Experimental animal study. SETTING Research unit of university. ANIMAL(S) Female 4-week-old (C57/BL6) mice. INTERVENTION(S) Isolation of immature germinal vesicle (GV) oocytes or fertilized(More)
The COP9 (constitutive photomorphogenic) signalosome (CSN), composed of eight subunits, is a highly conserved protein complex that regulates processes such as cell cycle progression and kinase signalling. Previously, we found the expression of the COP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog subunit 3 (CSN3) and subunit 5 (CSN5) changes as oocytes mature for(More)