Se-gon Roh

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—Pipelines for the urban gas-supply system require a robot possessing outstanding mobility and advanced control algorithms , since they are configured with various pipeline elements, such as straight pipelines, elbows, and branches. In this paper, we present a comprehensive work for moving inside underground urban gas pipelines with a miniature(More)
In this paper, a new approach for moving an inpipe robot inside underground urban gas pipelines is proposed. Since the urban gas supply system is composed of complicated configurations of pipelines, the inpipe inspection requires a robot with outstanding mobility and corresponding control algorithms to apply for. In advance, this paper introduces a new(More)
I n this paper, we present a robot system for inpipe inspection of underground urban gas pipelines. The robot is configured as an articulated structure like a snake with a tether cable. Two active driving vehicles are located in front and rear of the system, and passive modules such as a control module are chained between the active vehicles. The proposed(More)
An innovative single-port surgical robot has recently been developed by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). The robot can reach various surgical sites inside the abdominal cavity from a single incision on the body. It has two 7-DOF surgical tools, a 3-DOF endoscope, a flexible hyper-redundant 6-DOF guide tube, and a 6-DOF manipulator. This(More)