Se-Yul Lee

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The mobile and wireless revolution promises not only expanded access to patient health information, but also improved patient care. In this paper, we describe a surrogate host-based mobile healthcare information system which utilizes Grid computing for real-time ECG signal processing. The surrogate host provides seamless interface between mobile device and(More)
Nowadays, computer network systems play an increasingly important role in our society. They have become the target of a wide array of malicious attacks that can turn into actual intrusions. This is the reason why computer security has become an essential concern for network administrators. Intrusions can wreak havoc on LANs. And the time and cost to repair(More)
Recently, the problem of IP QoS (Quality of Service) is showing up as one of the most important task in internet with the advent of new applied service that need QoS like Internet broadcasting, video conference, VoIP and so on. The need for QoS also have to be applied to Ethernet network that is most prevailing protocol in LAN (Local Area Network) and a(More)